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Pet nutrition: What your dog’s diet should look like

Pet nutrition: what your dog’s diet should look like

It’s a topic of debate that almost any past or present dog owner have an opinion on; what’s the best food to feed your dog? The truth is, there is not a textbook explanation that identifies right from wrong when it comes to pet food. However, every now and then, a re-evaluation of your dog’s diet with a vet can prove to be a very fruitful task. You might find your furry friend needs a nutrition boost; more fibre and fluids or less protein. A more balanced diet could be the key to your pet’s longevity.

What NOT to feed your dog

While humans are fortunate to have a forgiving stomach, the same can’t be said for our furry friends. According to the RSPCA, such food as onions, garlic, chocolate, avocado, bread dough, grapes and corncobs are toxic for dogs (for a more extensive list check here). There is no rhyme or reason as to what does and doesn’t work so it’s up to the owner of the animal to do their due diligence. It goes without saying that food wrapping on vacuum-sealed roasts and absorbent pads under meat trays are a big NO in the animal department.

What TO feed your dog

All pets are animals have their own preferences. Your Kelpie might prefer dry food while a German Shepard may be partial to frozen kangaroo meat. To put it simply; domesticated dogs tend to have a more carnivorous diet but it’s important to give your dog the nutrition he or she needs with more than just meat.

According to the RSPCA, go for human-grade meat as it’s quite common for pet products to be enhanced with preservatives that can harm your dog in the long run. It’s also imperative to maintain healthy food hygiene habits as you could increase the risk of you or your dog contracting food-borne bacterial infections such as Pasteurella or Brucella. It’s important to speak to your veterinary nutritionist to put together a well-balanced, nutritional plan that benefits the needs of your beloved pet.

If, like many others, your dog’s diet is very meat-focused, some vets suggest adding fibre to your dog’s bowl with some boiled rice, pumpkin, steamed beans or even all-natural bran flakes and cooked oats. Fibre-rich foods have been proven to improve colon health, help maintain a healthy weight and stave off diabetes, constipation and diarrhea. However, before making any changes to your dog’s diet, speak to your vet for a more thorough analysis.

What Dawgy Co. feed their guests

At Dawgy Hotel, we live by the philosophy of feeding our guests only what we would feed ourselves. For this reason, we’ve partnered with pet food trailblazers Good Pet Food Kitchen and Big Dog Pet Food. What makes these guys special is their seemingly unlimited meal options that have been formulated based on scientific research and analysis. They sell more than just dog food, they sell all-natural, wholesome and nutritious meals, without the interference of nasty preservatives and chemicals.

All meals from Good Pet Food Kitchen have been thoroughly researched and tested, so you can rest assured knowing your beloved animal is receiving the best care while you enjoy your holiday. Our mission is to give your dogs the nutrition they require to increase longevity and live a fulfilling and energetic life for longer and Good Pet Kitchen will help us achieve this. Upon arrival, you can choose meal options from Good Pet Food Kitchen like Chicken San Choy Bow Wow or Lamb Shepherd’s pie for your pet.

Big Dog Pet Food specialises in using 100 per cent Australian, human-grade ingredients to deliver raw, nutritionally enhanced pet food. Their meals are species appropriate, so you know your dog is being fed food that’s designed for their breed. And, like Good Pet Food Kitchen, Big Dog Pet Food doesn’t pump meals with artificial colourings, preservatives, fillers or harmful chemicals. They aim to make good-quality food more accessible to dog owners. They also come conveniently packaged in the correct portion. Upon arrival at Dawgy Hotel, you’ll have to option of choosing meals like human-grade, natural raw beef meat, or rabbit muscle meat, bone and cartilage.

A balanced diet for your dog doesn’t have to be complicated. In most cases, a small amount of effort can go a long way. A healthy balance of water, protein, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals can be the key to longer, my energetic life for your pet. Be careful though; before making any changes to your dog’s diet, it’s essential to talk to your vet about tailoring the perfect meal plan suited to your dog’s body type, breed and energy levels.

Keen to learn more about what’s on the menu at Dawgy Hotel? Click here. We’re happy to help in any way that we can!

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